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  Entertainers with Byron Allen, an internationally syndicated celebrity magazine show, hosted by actor/comedian Byron Allen, features in-depth profiles of outstanding entertainers. This featured entertainer is Laura Dern 1996.
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    Read about Laura's February '99 appearance on the "Rosie" show here
    Read about Laura's commitment to California's Animal Sanctuary here
      Laura's Filmography & T.V. guest appearances are noted here
See Laura at the 56th Annual Golden Globe Awards here
          See Laura at the 71st Annual Academy Awards here
          Laura's "October Sky" FLICK "Real Player" interview
            A German fansite in progress here!
Laura's fan mail address is as follows: Laura Dern, 2401 Main St., Santa Monica, California,
90405. The International Creative Management address that you see on some other sites is incorrect. Some fans have sent mail to that address only to have it returned to sender. I sent a self stamped addressed envelope with an 8x10 attached to the Main Street address and received it back signed by Laura a few months later!