I just visited your website, and I wanted to congratulate you! It's full of
pictures and info, the most important things to any fan out there.

My name is Tatiana, I'm 18 and I live in Brazil. I think Laura is one of the
best actresses in the world nowadays, I really admire her work. I haven't seen
some of her films, but I've seen all of them that are available where I live.

I was touched by her performance in "Mask". She was incredibly believable as
the sweet blind girl that falls in love with Rocky Dennis. It surprised me that
she was able to give such a mature and powerful performance being yet so young -
only later I learned that she began studying acting at the age of 9.

I haven't seen "Smooth Talking", but according to the articles and reviews I've
read she should've been at least nominated for an Oscar. I hope I'll get to see
this movie someday; I'm still looking for it!

Another movies I've seen and loved "Blue Velvet", "Wild At Heart" - a complete
360 turn from one to the other! - "Rambling Rose" and "October Sky".
Personally I feel that her talents were wasted when it comes to "A Perfect
World", I didn't like the movie that much either, I thought it was barely above
average - and the fact that Laura's part was kind of pale didn't help matters

I don't think the size of the role is very important - I loved her part in "I
am Sam". O course, I'd always prefer to see her as the lead in a movie, but as
long as her part is good, I really don't complain about the movies. Her
performance as Lucy's foster mom was touching, sincere and I think it was worth
of her talents.

A couple of days ago I watched "Down Came the Blackbird". It simply astonishes
me Laura's chameleon like abilities, but most of all, it impresses me the fact
that she doesn't need to change her looks very much to change into a different
person. Her character in this movie is the perfect example. That haircut, as
terrible as it was - I felt a sudden urge to strangle the hairdresser that cut
her gorgeous hair!! - Certainly wasn't the only responsible for Helen's change
from the beginning of the movie to the moment after her trauma. You can clearly
notice that her eyes are different, her features are different... you notice
she isn't the same person anymore. And Laura always manages to be different in
every movie, not changing her looks that much.

Of course, I've seen "Jurassic Park" and "Jurassic Park III". The movies were a
lot of fun; I liked Laura's character. Even though her part in JP3 was kind of
small and not so important, I loved seeing Ellie again, Laura and Sam Neil have
a lot of chemistry, and it was nice having their characters - the best ones
from the original movie, IMO - back.

Two other movies that I'm dying to see include "Citizen Ruth" and "Afterburn". I
know, two of her greatest works, and I haven't seen them - but I've searched on
every video store in my city, and nothing - zero, nada. I'll have to search the
web to see if they were released here on video at all - I believe they were,
cuz they have names in Portuguese. I'm also looking for "Alice Doesn't Live
Here Anymore", if only to see her eating ice cream.