Images of Laura from the '80's
More images of Laura from the 80's
"Wild At Heart" Images
With Jeff Goldblum
Screen captures of Laura
Laura at public events
Laura with friends and fans
Laura with friends
Laura with more friends
More headshots
Laura at the 25th Toronto International Film Festival
Laura and Ben Harper
More Laura and Ben Harper
Asst. images of Laura
More Laura with friends
1999 Sundance Film Festival / Scenes from "Focus"
Laura & Ben Harper at a L.A. Lakers game
Screen Captures of Laura from "Ellen"
More asst. images of Laura
Laura Wallpaper
Two images of Laura with fans
Three smaller portraits
Five various images of Laura w/friends and family
Images of Laura shopping - Hollywood 2004
More of Laura & Family - Hollywood 2004
Three images of Laura in public
Yearbook Images
Yearbook Images - Page 2
2006 Public Events - Page 1
2006 Public Events - Page 2
2006 Public Events - Page 3
Spirit Awards BBQ images
Pics of Laura & Ben @ Sundance 2006
2007 Film Independent's Spirit Awards

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The Baby Dance  -  Page One
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